Our 150 kilowatt array is up and running!  Maintenance, insurance and warranty contracts are included in the price.  Lease options are available for non-profits and retirees.  This is a transferrable commodity.  You move, your solar goes with you.  If you move away from Ludlow's grid and you can sell your credits to a family member of favorite non profit.  If you want to be done completely, the developer agrees to buy back your panels!  If you are a young family, this is like saving for retirement.  If you do nothing, you will be guaranteed to pay a bill to your electric company.  Once you pay off your solar panels, you will have next to nothing to pay for electric for the rest of your life!  Attend our open house on June 16 from 5-7pm to learn more!

Rooftop Installations:

In a community array, you actually own your panels and you will receive the serial numbers for the panels that you purchase.  On your electric bill, you will see the amount of power that you use and the amount of power that you generate.  After you subtract the amount that you generate from what you use, you will either receive a credit or a bill for the remaining amount.  

Tip!  Go solar in the spring to create many credits throughout the summer to reduce your bill during lower light winter months.

Community Solar at The Good Farm:


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No installation is too small or too large.  If you are a large power user on either the Ludlow Electric or Green Mountain Power grid, Tesha can connect you with installers for arrays that properly fit the needs and scale for your business.  Power Purchase Agreements are also available for large businesses.  PPA's provide no tax benefits but there is nearly no upfront cost to going solar.  You do not own your array, you simply agree to buy solar power.  A minimum system size of 500kw is required. 

Tesha can connect you with state of the art installers for your home or business.  New technologies include non-penetrating racking systems for your metal roof.  Warranties are typically 25 years on panels.  No maintenance or insurance is included, but rooftop installations are the least expensive point of entry for going solar for your home or business.

Many arrays are available throughout the state for your home or business to take advantage of.  

Commercial Installations:

Community Solar on the GMP Grid:

Community Solar

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How Community Solar Works: